Project Description

1 product name:Solar PV cable

2 Approvals:TUV 2PfG 1169 PV1-F

3 product standard:1x6mm2

4 Rated Voltage: 0.6/1KV(AC)  1/1.8KV(DC)

5 Environmetal temperature:-40°C~90°C

6 Application standards:2PfG1169.08.07

7 The details of the solar pv cable technical specification:

Project Standard requirements
Conductor Conductor structure Class 5 Tinned copper conductor
Material  Tinned copper wire(TXR)
Number of wires in conductor 84/0.3
Conductor OD(mm) 3.15
Insulation Material Polyolefin copolymer electron-beam cross-linked
Average.Wall Thickness of insulation(mm) 1.1
Min.Wall Thickness of insulation(mm) 0.88
Insulation OD(mm) 5.35
Color                                        Black   Red
Sheath Material Polyolefin copolymer electron-beam cross-linked
Average.Wall Thickness of sheath(mm) 0.9
Min.Wall Thickness of sheath(mm) 0.72
Sheath OD(mm) 7.15
Color           Black   Red
Max. Resistance AC20oC  ohm/ km 3.39
60oCA Ampacity (60oCA)(A) 70
logo Printing TUV 2PfG 1169 PV1-F 1X**mm2